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Simplicity Smart Touch Digital Over-the-Ear Hearing Aid, Left Ear, Black

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Brand: General Hearing Instruments
Model: OTE-ST-Black-L
Color: Black
Shape: Left Ear
This Simplicity Smart Touch Digital Over-the-Ear Hearing Aid helps individuals who are hard of hearing continue to function normally. Auditory loss is a personal and costly condition. Oftentimes, the person with the hearing loss is the last to acknowledge their struggles. General Hearing Instruments (GHI) has a solution to help consumers with a mild to moderate high-frequency loss. GHI leads the market with an affordable line of 100 percent digital and analog hearing aids in both In the Ear (ITE) and Over the Ear (OTE) styles. Their hearing aids are so discreet and lightweight you will forget you are wearing them. GHI manufactures these them to the exact same specifications as the custom models they offer to audiologists. The Simplicity hearing aid allows you to clearly hear the everyday sounds you used to take for granted, such as children, birds chirping, people talking and more. It especially makes it easier to hear high frequency sounds, which are the first sounds people lose the ability to hear when their hearing declines.

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