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NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump

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Brand : NUK
The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for daily use. The pump has 32 different settings (both speed and suction) to let you customize your pumping experience to achieve maximum milk flow and timesaving efficiency. The convenient touch-button memory feature remembers your preferred settings, while the soft silicone breast shields have a wide nipple opening for comfort while expressing. The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump also features easy-to-hold breast funnels with long tubing and a built-in handle on the motor unit for portability. A digital display with push button controls clearly exhibits your selected settings. The Nuk electric breast pump is AC powered, and is easy to assemble and clean. This baby breast pump even comes with a photo holder to display a photo of your baby, which can help you relax and make expressing easier. Breastfeeding is the most natural choice for feeding your baby, but not always convenient or possible. NUK has a full line of breast pumps for you to choose the best option for speed and efficiency.

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